Philly Steaks & C-Stores

Market: Recent trends by several national chain convenience store operators indicate that Philly Cheesesteaks are becoming the hottest, new menu item addition! Selling Cheesesteak Sandwiches at convenient stores and gas stations has become an easy hassle-free process. Many project the Cheesesteak Sandwich to over take the Hot Dog as the most common prepared food item at convenient stores and gas stations.

Convenient: Heat and Serve, ease of use and handling, quick set up, packaged fully cooked meat means no stress during peak serving times. Versatile preparation options such as deck or convection oven, boil in bag, microwave, steam table, food warmer or flat top grill.

Flavor Profile: Philadelphia Pre-Cooked Steak Company’s special blend guarantees the perfect filling for any style sandwich. Products are made from 100% USDA inspected Beef and Chicken that are marinated, thinly sliced and seasoned to provide an authentic grilled Philly Style flavor.

Packaging: Packaged frozen in convenient 2.5lbs sealed bags, 4 per 1/10 lb. Case.

Serving Instructions: No matter what reheating method used, for best results allow meat to defrost or thaw first in refrigeration. Steam Table: Place contents of pouch in tray and place on steam table until hot. Stir meat continuously so juices will keep meat moist. Microwave: Portion desired amount into cup or dish and place into microwave until hot. Crock Pot: Cut open a thawed bulk bag, fluff out and place the contents in a cooking container. Product needs to be heated then kept warm before serving.


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